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Top 3 job profiles after passing NISM Equity Derivatives Certification!

Job profiles after passing NISM Equity Derivatives Exam

You would have always wondered what job profiles are available after passing NISM Equity Derivatives Certification!

A few months back, one of our users posted a query on our discussion forum regarding various job options available after passing the NISM Series VIII Equity Derivatives Certification. One of our fellow PrepCafe Academy subscriber who works as an equity derivatives trader, responded in a detailed manner.

In this blog post, we thought of sharing the response for benefit of our users. Here’s what Mr. Bhanu had to say:

“This is interesting. I was just searching for NISM related stuff and came to this site. Am a derivatives trader. I hope I can help your question.

The NISM is a good institute and setup by the SEBI after finance minster’s announcement in 2005 budget for the need to promote securities market education and research in India. So if you are planning to join, I would recommend you do so knowing it is a good brand name institute and managed by reputed organizations related to Govt. of India. If you have graduated, then congrats.

Now coming to your query, the NISM series VIII certification seeks to impart the right knowledge for people who want to work in an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange or be associated with products of such exchanges. It will teach you about the basics of Indian equities and derivatives markets, make you familiar with regulations governing the same, help you understand the functioning, process and risk involved in trading both on the spot and in futures market.

The job opportunities are plenty after you get this certification. It makes you a recognized candidate in the same job market where many people without such certifications and only basic operating knowledge try to compete. It definitely gives you an edge both with the knowledge gained as well as the brand name NISM gives you.

The ideal jobs you can apply after completion are as a sales representative of popular mutual funds, banks and companies that sells stocks an derivatives. You can also work as a trader in any of the companies buying and selling securities for your client. You can become an investment advisor for investors representing your company.

In India there has been an explosion of such companies providing financial services and exchange related assistance to clients. Some of them for example are banks like ICICI, HDFC, HSBC or companies like Reliance Mutual, Motial Oswal, ShareKhan etc. All these organizations would look for people like you to represent them in various roles, mostly in dealing with or for the clients. And your certification will be a big plus point when you apply.

All the very best. And thanks to this wonderful site connecting all NISM certified people. Keep up the good work”

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