Free NISM VA Mock Test – Mutual Fund Distributors

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About NISM VA Exam

The NISM Series VA: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination is a basic certification required to sell mutual fund products in Indian market. After passing the NISM Mutual Fund Exam, you will be entitled to sell all kinds of mutual fund products such as equity mutual funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, liquid funds, sector funds, balanced funds, etc.

This exam is also popularly known as the AMFI Exam or AMFI Certification as it was erstwhile conducted by the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI). This examination is conducted by NISM across more than 150 cities in India and thousands of people take this NISM exam.

About NISM VA Mock Test

This NISM Series VA: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination Mock Test or AMFI Mock Test consists of 30 questions which need to be attempted in 30 minutes.

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Dear Candidate,

  1. This is a Mock Examination for NISM Series VA: Mutual Funds Distributors Certification Examination.
  2. This mock test has 30 questions of 1 marks each.
  3. You get 120 minutes to complete this mock test.
  4. There is no negative marking in this mock test.
  5. The passing score on the examination is 50%
  6. This mock examination is only to give the candidates an experience of NISM testing system.
  7. Please note that passing this mock test would not make you eligible for claiming a certificate for NISM-Series-VA: Mutual Funds Distributors Certification Examination.

All the best for your examination!

How to access the Free NISM VA Mock Test?

Please login or register to access the free NISM VA mock test. Registration is free and takes only 2 minutes. You can visit this page again after logging in to access the free NISM mock test.

PrepCafe Academy assists candidates interested in becoming mutual fund distributor or mutual fund agents to pass this NISM examination by providing Free NISM Mock Tests as well as premium quality Paid NISM Mock Tests in online mode.

PrepCafe Academy’s Premium NISM Mock Tests consists of premium quality, real-like NISM Question Bank which helps in assessing your exam preparation, get exam exposure, practice nism questions and thereby pass NISM exam easily with flying colors.

All our Premium NISM Mock Tests are as per latest syllabus prescribed by NISM.

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