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Free NISM Mock Tests by PrepCafe – The NISM Experts

Free NISM Mock Tests by PrepCafe Academy

Free NISM Mock Tests provide candidates a glimpse of the real NISM Questions which are asked in NISM Certification Examinations. PrepCafe’s experts have prepared a huge NISM Questions Bank consisting of more than 5000+ questions which candidates can attempt as part of these mock tests. All our Mock Tests are available on PrepCafe website in online mode only. We do not provide print outs or pdf download of the mock tests.

Generally, Free NISM Mock Tests consist of 10 to 40 sample questions while Premium NISM Mock Tests contain multiple sets of full-length NISM Mock Test of 100 Questions. All NISM Questions are of multiple choice type with 2 to 4 options as per NISM exam.

Following Premium and Free NISM Mock Tests are available at PrepCafe. More NISM Mock Tests will be launched soon. PrepCafe Academy also provides online delivery of NISM Workbooks and Free NISM Study Material Download.

Sr. No.

NISM Certification Exam

Free NISM Mock Test

Premium NISM Mock Tests


NISM Series I – Currency Derivatives Mock Test

Free NISM Currency Derivatives Mock Test

Premium NISM Currency Derivatives Mock Tests @ Rs. 399/-


NISM Series VA – Mutual Fund Distributors Mock Test

Free NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Mock Test

Premium NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Mock Tests


NISM Series VI – Depository Operations Mock Test

Free NISM Depository Operations Mock Test

Premium NISM Depository Operations Mock Tests


NISM Series VII – Securities Operations and Risk Management Mock Tests

Free NISM Securities Operations and Risk Management Mock Test

Premium NISM Securities Operations and Risk Management Mock Tests


NISM Series VIII – Equity Derivatives Mock Tests

Free NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test

Premium NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Tests


NISM Series IX – Merchant Banking Mock Tests

Free NISM Merchant Banking Mock Test

Premium NISM Merchant Banking Mock Tests


NISM Series XA – Investment Advisor (Level 1) Mock Tests

Free NISM Investment Adviser Level 1 Mock Test

Premium NISM Investment Advisor Level 1 Mock Tests


NISM Series XB – Investment Advisor (Level 2) Mock Tests

Free NISM Investment Adviser Level 2 Mock Test

Premium NISM Investment Advisor Level 2 Mock Tests


NISM Series XV – Research Analyst Mock Tests

Free NISM Research Analyst Mock Test

Premium NISM Research Analyst Mock Tests


NCFM Capital Market Dealers Module Mock Tests

Free NCFM CMDM Mock Test

Premium NCFM CMDM Mock Tests

About PrepCafe Academy

PrepCafe is an online examination preparatory portal providing free and paid mock tests, study material, e-learning content, etc. for the benefit of students preparing for various examinations which include but not restricted to the area of finance.

PrepCafe provides NISM Mock Tests, NISM Practice Exams, NISM Question Bank NISM Mock Tests / NISM Practice Exams, Study Material and related content to help you pass real NISM / NCFM Certification Examinations. All our examinations are of premium quality and moderately priced. You can purchase our NISM mock exams after one-time registration on our website

We hope that you will find these exams useful in passing your NISM Certification Exams. All our Premium & Free NISM Mock Tests are prepared as per latest syllabus of NISM

PrepCafe’s NISM Mock Tests help students appearing for NISM Exams to practice exam questions and assess their level of preparation before proceeding for the real exam. Our experience has shown that passing our mock tests enhances your chances of clearing real examinations with higher confidence. So far more than 1000 successful students have passed the NISM and NCFM Certification Examinations as a result of our Mock Tests Series.

For more information or to do business with us, please write to info[at]prepcafe[dot]in.

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