Premium NISM Mock Tests for NISM Certification Examinations

Why NISM Mock Tests?

PrepCafe's Premium NISM Mock Tests prepare candidates for NISM Certification Examinations. Considering the dismal passing rate of NISM Certification Exams, it is highly recommended that candidates should undertake at least two NISM mock tests before attempting the real NISM Certification Exam. PrepCafe's NISM Mock Tests consists of huge NISM question bank updated to latest versions of the exam. Our NISM question bank consists of many practice questions which help you prepare better for your NISM exam. We provide nism mock tests in NISM Mutual Fund, NISM Equity Derivatives, NISM Research Analyst, NISM Investment Adviser, NISM Depository Operations, NISM Securities Operations and Risk Management (SORM) and many more.

What does PrepCafe's NISM Mock Test consist of?

Each Premium NISM Mock Test Package consists of full-length multiple nism mock tests for the respective NISM Certification Examination. Each NISM Mock Test is provided instantly after payment in your account and can be attempted 3 times during a period of 45 days from the date of payment. PrepCafe's NISM Mock Tests are designed by capital market experts having more than 20 years of work experience.

Have doubts or need clarifications on NISM Mock Tests or NISM Questions?

Over many years, PrepCafe has been the most trusted NCFM & NISM exam preparation partner for thousands of exam takers. For any queries related to exams, please feel free to write to info[at]




NISM Series VI: Depository Operations NISM Mock Test

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 5 full-length NISM Series VI Depository ...


NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives NISM Mock Test

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 9 full-length mock tests containing 900 ...


NISM Series X-A: Investment Advisor (Level 1) NISM Mock Test

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 12 full-length mock tests containing 1200 ...

NISM-Series-VIII-Equity-Derivatives-Mock-Test-by PrepCafe

NISM Series VIII: Equity Derivatives NISM Mock Test

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 8 full-length mock tests containing 800 ...


NISM Series XV: Research Analyst NISM Mock Test

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 4 full-length mock tests containing 400 ...


NISM Series VA: Mutual Fund Distributors NISM Mock Test

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 6 full-length mock tests containing 600 ...


NISM Series VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management NISM Mock Test

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 7 full-length mock tests containing 700 ...


NSE NCFM Capital Markets Dealers Module NCFM Mock Test

Rs. 299.00

Consists of 16 full-length mock tests containing 1600 ...


NISM Series IX : Merchant Banking Mock Tests

Rs. 399.00

Consists of 4 full-length NISM Series IX - Merchant ...


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