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New Launch: NISM eCPE for Mutual Fund Distributors

NISM eCPE for Mutual Fund Distributors

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) has taken a digital leap by launching online training programme called eCPE. eCPE is the online version of NISM’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or refresher course. 

The NISM eCPE for mutual fund distributors can be attended from home using a laptop / desktop with internet connection. The course takes three and half hours and contains video lectures and quizzes. The certificate is automatically renewed by NISM after completion of eCPE course.

Earlier, mutual fund distributors were required to attend a refresher course by physically visiting the CPE venue. These day long CPE Training programmes were a good opportunity for distributors to come together and share their experiences. However, the present COVID-19 pandemic situation has forced NISM to conduct these programmes in online mode.

“eCPE will definitely save a lot of time and pain of visiting a physical venue and hopefully fasten certificate issuance”

said a distributor who works for a leading bank.

The industry has welcome the move as it has reduced the pain for distributors who are already facing reduced commissions due to various changes brought out by SEBI in the recent past. “This will definitely save a lot of time and pain of visiting a physical venue and hopefully fasten certificate issuance”, said a distributor who works for a leading bank.

PrepCafe users can register and enroll for eCPE course online at nominal service charge and choose the date of their choice and also get their certificate faster. Want to take NISM Exam instead, you can register and enroll online for NISM Exam at PrepCafe.

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eCPE is NISM’s Continuing Professional Education programme delivered in online mode. In a traditional CPE, participants are required to physically visit CPE venue, typically, in a office meeting room, classroom or a banquet hall and attend a full-day training programme. However, in eCPE, candidates can access the training programme from their home/office at their convenience. eCPE consists of a mix of video lessons and quizzes

The duration of an eCPE programme varies from module to module. The NISM Mutual Fund Distributors eCPE is for a period of approximately three and a half hours.

Candidates should, preferably, have a laptop/desktop with at least 2GB of RAM. The laptop/desktop should be connected to internet access having minimum speed of at least 2 Mbps. You can access the course from the latest version of any modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please note that Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer are not supported. For best experience, it is recommended to use headphones/earphones to listen to video lessons.

In case you do not possess a laptop/desktop, you may access the eCPE course from a smartphone connected to data/WiFi connection, however, it is recommended to connect from a laptop/desktop for smooth and best experience.

The fees for eCPE is ₹2500 plus service charges.

Update 1: NISM eCPE for Mutual Fund Distributors will now be conducted in a remote proctored mode. Candidates will need to have a laptop with webcam and microphone and Google Chrome browser only. Besides, candidates will also need to download a remote proctoring plugin called HirePro Proctoring plugin from the Google Chrome Store.

Update 2: Candidates attending the NISM eCPE for Mutual Fund Distributors will be monitored using the webcam and microphone recordings. NISM reserves the right to not issue the renewal certificate if candidates are found to be non-attentive during the sessions. Candidates found to be violating NISM’s policies shall be disqualified from appearing from any, some or all of NISM Certification examinations/CPE / eCPE programmes for a period up to three years or more as applicable which NISM finds suitable in its disciplinary action pursuant to the investigation report. The final decision of NISM shall be binding & undisputable.

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