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Employee Workplace Policy

PrepCafe Academy promotes work from home, flexible working hours, rewards and recognition for all its employees irrespective of age, gender or religion.
  1. Work From Home Policy: PrepCafe Academy recognizes the benefits of work from home options and provides this flexibility to all our employees. We believe that allowing our employees to work from home, when appropriate, can improve work-life balance and productivity. Our work from home policy is gender-neutral and applies to all the employees working with the organization.
  2. Rewards and Recognition Policy: PrepCafe Academy values the hard work and contributions of our employees. We believe in rewarding and recognizing our employees for their achievements in various fields and important milestones. We have established a comprehensive employee rewards and recognition program to acknowledge and celebrate our employees’ accomplishments, regardless of gender or any other factor.
  3. Anti-Discrimination Policy: The Academy is committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination and harassment of any kind. We do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior or actions against our employees on the basis of their gender, race, religion, caste, age, sexual orientation, etc. We encourage all employees to report any such instances of discrimination or harassment to their supervisor or HR department directly.
  4. Flexible Working Hours Policy: PrepCafe Academy recognizes that employees have different needs and responsibilities outside of work. We strive to provide flexibility in working hours to allow our employees to manage their personal and professional responsibilities effectively. The Academy has established a flexible working hours policy that allows its employees to adjust their schedules as needed, provided that they meet their work commitments and complete their assigned tasks on time.
  5. Health and Safety Policy: The Academy is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. We comply with all relevant health and safety regulations and provide appropriate training and equipment to minimize workplace hazards. We encourage our employees to take care of their physical and mental health, and we offer resources such as counseling and wellness programs to support their well-being.
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