NISM Series XV: Research Analyst NISM Mock Test

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Consists of 4 full-length mock tests containing 400 theoretical exam questions and answers which are similar to the real NISM Research Analyst Exam. Each mock test can be attempted 3 times. Valid for 45 days. Guaranteed Results.

Pass NISM Exam with Satisfaction Guarantee

About NISM XV Research Analyst Certification Examination:

The NISM Series XV Research Analyst Certification Examination (also known as Equity Research Analyst Certification) is a moderately difficult certification examination of NISM. This certification is required to work as a equity research analyst or equity analyst in a brokerage firm or similar entity. Personnel possessing the NISM Research Analyst Certification is eligible to work as an equity analyst or equity research analyst. An equity analyst or equity research analyst generally makes stock recommendations to the general public either individually or on behalf of an organization. Although the research analyst function covers both fundamental and technical analysis, a major part of the NISM Series XV Research Analyst exam covers fundamental analysis and very little part of technical analysis. This examination is conducted by NISM in more than 150 cities in India and thousands of people take this NISM Exam. NISM Research Analyst Mock Test helps you pass the NISM Research Analyst Exam.

About NISM Series XV Research Analyst Mock Test (Premium):

This NISM Series XV Research Analyst Mock Test Series consists of:

  • 4 Full-length NISM Research Analyst Mock Tests served randomly from pool of 400 Questions
  • 400 Real-like NISM Research Analyst Question Bank
  • 3 Attempts for each NISM Research Analyst Mock Test
  • Answers Explanations for Complex and Tricky Questions
  • Analysis of your Mock Test Performance
  • 3 Re-takes of NISM Series XV Mock Tests for Revision

Benefits of NISM Research Analyst Mock Tests:

  • Increases your chances of passing the real exam
  • High confidence
  • Real feel of exam questions
  • Improved results


  • 45 days

Minimum Requirements:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Windows XP and above
  • Google Chrome 42 and above only


Wednesday, 19 August 2015
I found the exam very easy after passing this mock test. Thanks.


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